I learnt these!!

Raising kids, attending to their tantrums and balancing the work and home is like the art of juggling!!! Yes, this word juggling reminds me that I am still pending to blog about “ Wow!! Extra Terrestrial” a live show that we attended 15 days ago and so here I am 🙂

et-logoExtra Terrestrial was a show organized by showspace. It was not a circus, a  magic show or a stage play. ET WOW! was a live show of 9 different acts, which were performed by artists from different parts of the word ( Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Germany and China),who had mastered the skill over years of practice.

No, I am not going to post about what and where about of the event. With this post, I am going to write what were the take-aways for me from the show!!!  Unlike my other posts, excuse me this time for a slightly longer one.

So, here it goes….

Husband dear, little one and myself eagerly awaited the weekend to enjoy this show. As my little one tried his level best to pronounce the word “Extra Terrestrial” in his own sweet way, the show started. It was for an hour and fifteen minutes and we had non-stop entertainment. All the acts were breath taking. We enjoyed the show to the core but it left me with musings. I started applying it to our day to day corporate lives. What did I learn and how to apply to my day to day work life??

1)  Practice makes the man perfect: Though this is an age old adage, I stronglyhqdefault believe in it and all the more after watching this show. All the artists must have practiced their  tasks  innumerable number of times. They were so perfect at them. Applying it to our corporate lives, we need to practice the art of patience, the art of smartness, the art of discipline to succeed at work.

2) Concentration is the key : All the acts were breath taking and trust me people, they hqdefaultcannot be performed even if there is a little dip in the concentration levels. The concentration has to be at its highest peak when they were performing. Now, applying it to our corporate lives, I always fondly remember my review meetings with my boss, when I used to forget half of the To-do’s on my list and end up getting  the bashing for it. So, now I get the key!!! concentration.

3) Art of balance :  Without this, I am sure most of the acts must have been a disaster,event-3 and  again coming to applying it to our lives? Art of balancing in between work and life. In between, the hushy gushy mornings and the tired evenings, I need to learn to balance and live happily

4) Multi tasking : I was really impressed with the last act of juggling of Strahelman and hqdefaultSohne-Trial Room Jugglers, from Germany. I could not even dare to wink during their
performance. I read many a times about multi tasking and what an important role it plays, but here I had the experience of watching it live. So, now I understand, if we master the skill of multi tasking, we can easily grow up the ladder of success.


5) Meet the expectations: I am sure, for all the acts, the artists might have been under severe stress to meet the expectations of the audiences. And yes, they managed it with least possible mishaps. ( Infact, no mishaps). This is something, I learnt from the show. Working towards what the company is expecting from you as an employee  is one of the most important keys for success is what I realize.

Overall, it was a great show and many lessons of life were learnt. I hope to apply all these thoughts to my day to day at work, home and make things merrier!! By the way guys, its a show worth watching and please do not miss it when it is organized in your city. You can know more about them at http://www.wowet.in/

P.S : This post is not for any commercial purposes and I have not been approached by any sponsors to write about them


One thought on “I learnt these!!

  1. Nadarajan says:

    Mostly we all watch any show and forget after enjoying it. How nicely and aptly it has been related with corporate life by this blogger. We all have a message to follow in our life in this post. Kudos to author and her creative writing. Excellent!!!

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