Toss, Batting, Bowling, Tea Break and finally Birthday Wishes


For a person to whom

Cricket is not a matter of life or death,

its more than that,

To whom

Cricket is life and everything is just a game.

Oh my love!!! On your birthday, here is a small attempt to show how it feels like to live with your love!!! THE CRICKET

 India or West, ODI or Test, you are always abreast

Helicopter or a straight drive, you love watching them live

No matter of time zone, You watch the match unbeknown

Colour or white, “Cricket” is the mantra you recite

When the match is sabotaged by the rain,you almost go insane

Highlights or live, You always welcome it with jive

It can really make your day,when it is a good match play

You enjoy Sixes and boundaries,no matter even if it is counties

My honey,should I say I am clean bowled and you made my happiness fourfold

Many happy returns of the day!!! Wish you a great cricketing year

P.S : I guess now that IPL season is over, I need to start writing my next about football as FIFA is on it’s way 🙂

I would love to hear from you!!!

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