Sixth Anniversary !!! Voila!!!

Just can’t believe time flies so fast. Its been six years that we are married. I think today is the day, I should tell you why I am still madly in love with you:

“YOU” are always yourself and you don’t waste your energy in changing for me
”YOU” are so simply simple  that you never plan to change your mobile
“YOU” taught me how to plan for a vacation because I forced you to do so
“YOU” helped me realize the impact of spending by making me pay my own bills
“YOU” taught me  how laziness is good for health
“YOU” always let me do things on my own so that I don’t bother you to help me
“YOU” always loved my cooking so that you don’t have to cook for me
“YOU” never say “NO” to anything I ask for  because you totally understand the impact of it
“YOU” are the best father as you taught Dheer that he has to approach Mom for everything and not disturb Dad for anything
It’s only because of “YOU”, that I realized surprises are a waste of time and there is no fun in waiting for them to happen

Before your thoughts run like cheetah, here are the actual facts!!

“YOU” are always there for me

“YOU” stood by me during my first few days of cultural adjustments to yours
“YOU” understand my reservations and respect them
“YOU” are the first one to compromise after a fight
It’s a surprise for me that “YOU” never get angry
“YOU” made me realize the importance of working
“YOU” have always considered my family as yours
“YOU” empathized with me for all the labour pain I have gone through
“YOU” tutored me the meaning of straightforwardness
And above all “YOU” gifted me with a beautiful family

“Happy Anniversary honey”…Thanks for bearing with me !!! I know how difficult it should have been with a person like me 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sixth Anniversary !!! Voila!!!

  1. Latchou says:

    This remains me of Tamil Poet Owvayar.. You can ask Praveen for the actual tamil name of this poet(sorry it is difficult to write her name in english , as english don’t have this sounds)..

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