Little Lamb Lost

I must confess that I did not have a single crafty bone in my body till I realized Dheer is enjoying his artsy craftsy activities. Since we read the book “Little Lamb Lost” yesterday, I tried my hand at making the lamb to reinforce the moral of the story and to improve his cognitive skills


Black drawing chart
Cotton balls
Googly eyes
Satin Ribbon


Outline the shape of Lamb on a drawing chart and cut the shapes.

Apply the glue on the body of the Lamb and stick the cotton balls.

We finished by pasting the head, legs

For the eyes, we din’t have the supply of Googly eyes, so we cut white paper into small circles and stuck as eyes.

We also made a head-gear for the lamb with satin ribbon to make it look prettier 🙂

You can look at the pictures how interested my little son was in doing this


What did we learn ?

As we did this, we spoke about the food habits of sheep, sang rhymes “ Baa Baa Black sheep” , “ Mary had a little lamb”. Finally we repeated “Little Lamb lost” by David Bedford and Karen Sapp.

What’s in the story?

The story was a catchy one with large prints and interesting pictures. Dheer loved singing aloud the rhythmic words“ Skipety hop”, “Skipety hop”. It’s about a lamb which lost its way with a happy ending when it finally finds its mother. It is a good book to teach young kids about various sounds of animals.

How did we relate?

Very surprisingly, as soon as we finished the craft and the story, Dheer asked me where his dad was? When I answered I did not know, he asked me “ Is he lost like the little lamb?”.

It’s always so much fun to hunt the answers for your little one’s baffling questions. More in my upcoming posts !!! till then Happy Parenting


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