Why am I in Love with you???

Your name has “sweetness” in it

You inculcated the habit of charging my “battery up” to spend time with you

You made me realize that it is important to reconnect with old friends to have a “life”

You enlightened who my actual friends are, who help me at the time of crossing “levels”

You indoctrinated the principle of waiting for the “next” set of surprises

You tutored me to strategize my “moves”

You made me experience what is healthy “competition”

You illuminated the meaning of “helping” each other

You were always there for me during my insomniac nights

You were the greatest De-stresser I spent time with

I have already reached 149 levels with you and wish to unleash more and more surprises!!

Thank you Candy Crush!!! and I really Love you!!!


P.S : Candy Crush is a game available for all android / ios phones. It is unbelievably simple and yet an addictive game. The whole plot of the game is to follow the orders given by bursting 3 or more similar looking candies.

According to the latest survey, it is the Ranked # 2 on top most grossing apps and Ranked # 16 on Top Free Apps

Download it for free from the android market and have fun!!!

I would love to hear from you!!!

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