Acchooo!!! uh uh!!! Temperature!!! Fever!!!!

These were the lion’s share of sounds heard for the last three years. I realize that as my little son is growing up, he is now slowly developing the resistance against cold or cough.

As an Indian mom, I prefer some home remedies which can be used first hand before we visit our pediatrician.

I am listing down some of them which I have followed

1. Cold

This is the most common ailment for young kids. At the first signs of cold, apply Eucalyptus oil. Apply it well in the inner palms, legs , chest area. I also apply it on the pillow so that the strong smell eases the congestion

Eucalyptus is a tree usually grown in hills. Its dried leaves are used to make the oil. This oil can be easily procured from any local medical stores.

2. Cough

Little kids usually enjoy sweets and chocolates which result in upshot of cough.

Give warm water to kids and keep them hydrated. This will make them feel comfortable. I use gall nut ( Karakkai in telugu, kadaga in tamil). Just dip the gall nut in water and rub it over a hard surface. The juice that comes out can be mixed with equal quantity of honey and about 5 ml can be given to the kid. This gives immediate relief from cough. This also relieves them from constipation and hence there is a chance that your kid does a bigger poop on the day you give this.


3. Lack of Appetite

I face this problem quite often with my growing son.

I usually follow a very simple and tasty recipe to counter this.

a) Take equal portion of Fennel Seeds and Cumin Seeds.
b) Dry roast both of them separately
c) Grind them into a fine powder
d) Mix it with equal quantity of rock candy powder
e) The powder can be preserved and used for at-least a month

I give him a teaspoon of the powder. He enjoys eating it due to the sweet nature and it improves his appetite

Images (2)

4. Respite from Summer

5-6 Raisins
1-2 Dry Dates
Rock Candy

Soak all the ingredients in hot water at least for 2-3 hours.
Sieve the juice extract and a tasty juice is ready for the kids to enjoy.
Dates and Rock Candy help your kids in keeping them hydrated and thus shielding them from heat stroke.



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