Reading Books!!!

Early childhood essentially consists of development of :

1. Fine Motor skills
2. Gross Motor skills
3. Cognitive skills
4. Language or Communication skills
5. Moral values
6. Self-Help and adaptive skills
7. Social and Emotional skills

As Dheer is already 3 years old, his fine Motor, gross Motor skills are considerably developed. I am working on his Language skills, Social and Emotional skills

In order to upgrade his language skills and to enhance his moral values, I introduced him to reading. It is a globally proven fact that reading is one of the best investments we can make as parents in our child’s success. Though I used to read to him from his early days, I have never been religious in practicing this.

I have now decided to take it up more seriously and here are some tips I comprehend:

1. Before reading the book, show the cover page and read the Title aloud. This helps them imagine the characters in the story and memorize the title of the book.

2. Run your finger, under the text while reading the book

3. Pause and grab their attention towards the pictures in the book

4. Prompt them with questions in between

5. Relate the story to daily activities at home

How do I choose a book? I am little choosy when it comes to the book selection for Dheer. Usually, I take care of the below:

1. Book should always have a happy ending

2. It should have characters which Dheer can relate to in day-to-day life

3. It should contain good big pictures and simple vocabulary


In my upcoming posts, I will give experiences of some of the books we read together.

Till then, Happy Parenting!!!


I would love to hear from you!!!

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