Early Schooling – Always Memorable

In the next few days:

We are going to miss getting up early
We are going to miss drinking milk without brushing teeth
We are going to miss hurry burry bath
We are going to miss creative Snack Box
We are going to miss “Fun at home” activity book
We are going to miss periodical celebration of festivals

All this is because Dheer’s pre-school has concluded. 😦 😦

To cherish the moment and to thank his first teacher, Dheer and I have decided to make a greeting card for her.

Making of Greeting Card:


Construction Paper


We have cut a 8”*30” sheet of the yellow construction paper and folded to make it look like a card

The concept we followed was Greenery!!! Good for us!!

We Titled the card as “ Thank you Shubha Ma’am for helping me grow”

On the first page, Dheer’s hand impression was taken and I tried to make it look like a tree. Not sure, how it looked though


I have drawn the outline of a flower and asked Dheer to color it. Initially he resisted as he wanted to draw all over the page and I objected it, but finally he enjoyed doing this activity.


I helped Dheer write ” You are the best ” and just to make the card memorable, I also glued in a picture in which Dheer and Shubha Ma’am were together on a field trip. We finally added some stars for the glitter element and the card was ready to be presented 🙂


To go with the concept, we have decided to gift a plant to Shubha Ma’am.

During the activity, we spoke about plant and its parts, importance of planting, colors of the plant. This activity helped Dheer in his coloring skills and also taught him moral values of expressing the gratitude

Mrs.Shubhashree is Dheer’s first teacher in life and I would like him to remember her forever.



I would love to hear from you!!!

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